God Blesses Work

In this episode Omar & John share their belief that God blesses hard work. That God is in fact a God who blesses work. Work that is intentional, kingdom minded and work that He is involved with. They also talk about the five pillars Divine Hustle will be for helping which includes, production, social, creative, worship and strategy. 

Welcome to the Divine Hustle Show Relaunch! We exist to equip the local church to reach more people with your creativity. This exciting new episode is the relaunch of Divine Hustle! If you’ve been following Divine Hustle for some time now, you would know that John Mediana the original host is bringing in two close friends Omar El-Takrori & Kyle Anderson on board. Together they collectively have over three decades of experience in the mega church world when it comes to Church Production, Marketing, strategy and practical tactics for Sunday Services and online campuses. 


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Welcome to the Divine Hustle. A tribe who Prays like it's up to God, Hustles like it's up to them. Divine Hustle is hosted by John Mediana, Omar El-Takrori, and Kyle Anderson. This is a place where we discover that behind every trophy there were trenches that had to be dug. Social media can be a place to watch everyone's highlight reel but never see the struggle. Divine Hustle is a community of God Getters who have found their place and mission in the world to help inspire others to come alive and live passionately doing what they love. They are on a mission to equip the local church to reach more people with creativity. 



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